Monday, 28 September 2009

Aboyne 2009 - Sunday and Monday - Days 1 & 2

All arrived safely on Saturday ready for day 1. Beautiful day, 21 degrees and wall-to-wall sunshine. Hoping Sunday will be the same.

Arrived Sunday and attended the usual Sunday briefing. Rigged the gliders. Ready for the conditions which were 15 - 25 knots on 270 with quite lively take-offs and circuits.

First flight with Dave Paffett climbed to 8,000. Although locally, a 20,000 ft height was achieved, we broke off the climb to allow others to have their check flights. Conditions proved difficult for further wave flights but nevertheless, 2 other people have been cleared for solo. Retired at dusk to the Boat for a splendid evening meal.
Forecast for Day 2 did not look good.

Day 2. Arrived and launched by 09:30 with Tim Coldicott which proved successful albeit brief.
Next flight with Robin Readhead was his first at Aboyne and launched into wave at 3,500 ft above our house in Ballater. Climbed to 7,000 ft before a precautionary descent to stay clear of cloud. Meanwhile the Daves (Bowtell and Paffett) made a valiant attempt to connect with wave only to be washed down by a short shower from the West. In spite of the forecast, a good bout of flying was had before an early finish to avoid the deteriorating weather. Everyone who has wanted to fly has now flown. Tomorrow looks like a rest day but Wednesday looks promising.

John Simmonds.