Monday, 1 April 2013

We did fly again!

On the final day, it was possible to fly! You can see from three of our party what they thought about the idea! Given the cloudbase on Cuculo, this is understandable. Averaging this year and last year Week Four had a great time overall. Next year will improve the average, I can almost guarantee. Just to emphasise the ground rules, the objective of each day is for everyone to fly. The fifth pilot should always fly. It is better to have a shorter flight, than no flight on one of the days.

The clocks went forward by an hour on Sunday so 431's trip home started an hour earlier according to my body clock than the 7:10am that my watch said. After only a few shorts stops I arrived for moules and frites at 8:00pm at Ouistreham. Knackered and blasted by a two degree Celsius Easterly. What fun.