Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Jaca 2016 Week 4 Day 6

At last. A gentle southerly wind clear skies. The mountains were working well all the way to the  Ordesa Gorge. Cloudbase 2800 metres = 9200 feet.

It is better to have the climax at the end rather than at the beginning (said the actress to the bishop). In the end we flew on four days out of six and I would have probably settled for that in advance.  JMc

Friday, 1 April 2016

Jaca 2016 Week 4 Day 5

Everyone flew today. It was sunny with a brisk northerly. Wave bars were everywhere until just before we started launching, but thermals were available up to 8500ft over the main valley and to the south. The high peaks were clagged in until later in the day.
Dinner is with Toya this evening.

Jaca 2016 Week 4 Days 3 & 4

We have been getting some great weather at night! However Wednesday turned out OK and so everyone who wanted to fly got up among the snowy bits. Thursday was a write-off, but today has dawned bright and sunny with some interesting smooth clouds to the north. Looking round Jaca for places to eat has been interesting. Casa Fau and Lilium (with the 20 euro menu) proved to be the biggest hits so far. Last night there were 20 for dinner at the airfield. JM