Sunday, 18 March 2018

Jaca 2018 Week 1 Day 6

Our last day started damp and overcast and got wetter through the morning. It was mid-afternoon before it started getting brighter with the wind strengthening from the north west. A tiny patch of blue sky appeared over the airfield but not enough to encourage us to go flying as it was still raining at either end of the valley. 

Instead everyone paid their bills and then we had lunch at the airfield. Afterwards Merv held a debrief session going through some of the logger traces from our flights.

Charlie and Kevin in the airfield office

One of the regional dishes available at the airfield.
(Battered, deep fried giant spring onions with a piquant sauce)
With no flying in prospect everyone headed off to find a better use of their time whilst waiting for today's main event which was going to be a meal at the Cantare restaurant in Hecho.

One of the starters
(Vegetable "pudding" with a sauce flavoured with salt cod)

Waiting for the main course

Dessert was yummy and included (too) small portions of
mango sorbet, bread pudding, chocolate mousse and cheesecake
Despite not having had unsettled weather we have flown 4 days this week which seemed unlikely at the beginning of the week when looking at the synoptic charts covered with lows and fronts.

Whilst we didn't get to cruise along the main ridge we had some interesting flying with one wave day. Thanks to everyone for making it such an enjoyable week both in the air and on the ground.

P.S. Its sunny outside this morning now that we are leaving...


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