Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Jaca 2019 Week 1 Day 1

Conveniently a cold front passed through overnight so we had great hopes for day 1. The morning briefing offered the possibility of northerly wave but with blue thermals only going to 6500'. As a result the oxygen systems were turned on and pilots dressed for sub-zero temperatures.

As it turned out nobody found the wave and instead the first set of pilots gently roasted themselves as they worked hard in the tight turbulent thermals (gliding not underwear). 

Paul and Merv were first off in the Duo, quickly followed by Ray and Bob in the K21. Despite taking higher tows both gliders found themselves back down over the lower hills using the vultures as indicators of thermals. 

The second sortie with Kevin and Merv in the Duo and Charlie and Bob in the K21 had a similar experience though wearing substantially less clothing. 

Charlie particularly enjoyed his first view of the high mountains which were continually shrouded in cloud for the whole of his visit last year.

Gliders ready to go with Kevin holding the wing down

Cloudless crystal clear blue sky looking west
Duo over stage 1 with Paul at the controls 

Ray at the controls in the K21 sharing the thermal with the Duo Discus

An uncharacteristically shy Paul holding the wing prior to putting the glider back in the hanger
Sadly the restaurant at the airfield is currently not operational, so in the evening we had a trip into Jaca to buy provisions and have an excellent meal at the Biarritz. (To make up for not having any lunch)


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