Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Jaca 2019 Week 1 Day 2

Another bright start on Day 2 but the weather briefing indicated increasing amounts of high cloud and less wind suggesting that we might have another challenging day of flying ahead. At least it was nice and warm on the ground with yet more layers of clothing being discarded prior to launch.

Ray offers Merv some advice on advanced flying techniques.
 We had a very pleasant morning fettling the gliders, eating cake and watching the diggers create a larger glider parking area at the west end of the airfield. It looks like the army have been subcontracted to do the work with large scale camouflaged Tonka toys. Fortunately the lack of wind meant that the dust they generated wasn't much of a problem.

The gale force winds haven't reached Jaca yet.

Morag on portion control duty of the impromptu
morning pastry courtesy of her friend Hillary.
After a leisurely picnic lunch it was time to go flying. This time it was Charlie and Merv in the Duo and Kevin and Bob in the K21. Increasing high cloud cut the flights shorter than planned but this cleared through quickly tempting the us back into the air again. Ray and Merv in the Duo then Paul and Bob in the K21. Most flights were around an hour long today but not through lack of trying to stay airborne.

At least the early finish gave us a chance to have a beer at the club Nimbus bar.

A welcome beer after a tricky days flying.
Paul was on chef duty tonight and he provided an excellent meal within the strict 5 euro budget set by Morag our chief auditor.

A gaggle of hungry pilots 

Paul slaving over a hot stove

The weather for tomorrow could be good or bad depending on which forecast you read so we will just have to wait and see if the next front has passed through overnight or not.


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