Saturday, 23 March 2019

Jaca 2019 Week 2 Day 2

Lots of sunshine with another northerly wind, this time a bit stronger and  again rotor and wave. The strategy changed with tows to the north and climbs in rotor over the second stage and finally at about 8-8500ft  pushing forward into the wave in the classic manner. Running along the top the Andrew Blundell and John Simmonds flew in the K21 reaching maximum FL195 then flying over the Yesa Reservoir to the East and returning in the valley with a very long final glide to the airfield. Morag downed tools and went out with Luis the Airfield big wig!  So we  were left to our own devices and set off to Jaca town centre. Bereft of guidance the evening started off badly with a proposition from a lady of dubious intentions! Then the restaurant was in darkness and finally on our return in the Lasham vehicle on unlit roads there lurked a couple of escaped black sheep which our driver John Simmonds saw at about 25ft! We screeched to a halt but the stupid beasts just stood there, fortunately the impact was slight and neither the sheep or the vehicle were damaged. Derek Copeland sitting in the back hardly stirred.
Sunset on a great wave day!

These lenticulars are all over the place

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