Saturday, 23 March 2019

Jaca 2019 Week 2 Day 1

The day started with a fairly brisk cross wind from the north which played havoc with take-offs. The day was forecast as a wave and rotor day so most elected for a tow to south in front of Cuculo mountain bird reserve, a recent dispensation to gliders now allow us to fly in the area with limited restrictions. This resulted in strong rotor and ridge lift giving climbs to 8500ft with a push into wind hopefully got you into the wave just south of the airfield. Some were successful, others struggled heroically falling back on Cuculo ridge when all else failed. It was a case of finding a line of lift so that you were high enough when you reached the wave line. Conditions were strong and rough but all enjoyed the experience and landings were challenging or sporty. Bill and Andrew flew with Chris Gibson in the Duo made contact with the wave and were up at 18000ft in the gaps in the cloud.
Morag had given us all two days of fabulous meals of Spag-Bol and Roast Chicken on the Monday. Thank you thank you Morag 

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