Sunday, 17 March 2019

Jaca 2019 Week 1 Day 6

Today's forecast was for another cloudless day but with light winds and the possibility of  higher thermals that might permit access to the main ridge of the Pyrenees which has been out of reach all week due to the strong northerly winds.
Glider ready all we have to do now is wait.
It was much busier at the airfield today with club members and the arrival of a group of Finnish pilots so there was plenty to watch as we waited for any indication that it might be worth launching. It was much hotter on the ground, especially at the launch-point with 25C being indicated by the glider instruments.

Once the decision was made it was slow going, with only one tug and it took 50 minutes to get a launch despite only being 4th in the queue.

The K21 with Charlie and Bob went first with Kevin and Merv in the Duo a short time later. Although there were strong climbs to be had, only the Duo made it up to the higher mountains with the K21 getting close but having to beat a hasty retreat after experiencing some prolonged sink.

The second sorties followed a similar pattern with the Duo fairing better than the K21 (Obviously Bob hadn't learned much from the first flight!)

Week 1 flying finished just need to put the K21 to bed.
After we had packed the gliders safely back in the hanger we retired to the bar for much need refreshment after a long hot day.

The end to a perfect week in Jaca.
Morag was the mastermind behind the excellent evening meal (much of it being prepared while everyone was drinking beer up at the club).

It has been a really enjoyable week for students and instructors alike with good weather,  interesting flying and some great meals. We flew every day for a total of 49 hours and 49 minutes in a mixture of wave and thermals.

Until next year....


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