Thursday, 14 March 2019

Jaca 2019 Week 1 Day 4

Another fantastic day of wave flying with everyone having to work pretty hard to contact the wave.

There was much less cloud today and it had stopped snowing over the high mountains making for some spectacular views, particularly in the afternoon when the high level cloud had cleared through.

Today Charlie and Merv went off first in the K21, quickly followed by Kevin and Bob in the Duo. It took over an hour working the rotor thermals before they managed to finally get into the wave. Which very conveniently could be found right next to the airfield. Getting high required patience to find and work the strongest pockets of lift which were quite localised. 

Kevin working hard in the rotor thermals a the south end of the Hecho valley

Much, much later looking north east from 15,000'
The second flights fared better with Paul and Bob in the Duo using the knowledge from the previous flight to get into the wave straight from their first climb. The lift at the lower levels seemed stronger but it proved impossible to get above 14,800' despite being very, very patient.

The instructor (aka bored passenger) spent the time constructively by trying to make sense of the ClearNav auxiliary unit. Nope I think it will require at least another couple of flights to work it out.

Ray and Merv in the K21 had an interesting flight ranging further afield from the lower slopes of Cuculo and west towards the lake and then north to main ridge.
Paul looking north towards Hecho from 14,500'

A sea of cloud to the west

The mountains above Hecho from the primary wave
Ray and Merv were determined to make the most of the day and landed just after sunset. For those on the ground it had been a very chilly wait, so they were relieved to finally get the gliders back into the hanger and head off for a much needed meal at the Hostel in Santa Cruz.

Fingers crossed that it will be warmer tomorrow.


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